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Operations Management Platform

Built for your Agency


Program operation organized in one place...

  • Built for your agency

  • Professionally designed training material

  • Content includes regulations & strategies to meet the regulation (The why, how & what)

  • Communication system

  • With Monarch Link & Every Child California eLearning membership, embed videos directly on your agency platform

  • Solution for new staff training

  • Bridges the generational gap

  • Fix for employees that missed a training

  • Staff tool for day-to-day operations

  • Plan for program improvement without multiple meetings

  • Staff know exactly what to expect


Everything in One Place

By getting rid of the “noise” your organization will operate with consistency, have an ongoing training tool, day-to-day resource for all staff, clear communication which creates transparency & an easy to adjust foundation in turn reducing stress


1. Build Skeleton

MonarchLink will build the skeleton that will serve as the starting point for your operations management platform

2. Enlist Others

In collaboration with Monarch Link, Senior Leaders will collaboratively work to add additional details

3. Raise the Bar

All staff will have the opportunity to explore the platform & provide input on ways to further streamline systems


Ready to get started?

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