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Professional Growth.

Take the hassle & guess work out of understanding & communicating the regulations with eLearning. Teams & individuals will have access to clear, ongoing, self-paced training videos to help them be more effective & take on different roles as your organization changes and grows. Start building capacity within your organization today! 



Interpreting regulations & putting it into practice can be challenging. With eLearning you will have access to a multitude of professionally designed resources. Many of which, are available in Microsoft Word® or Excel®, making it easy to edit.  Just add your information & you are ready to go. It's that easy!


How Agencies are Using the
eLearning Platform


New Employee Training

Used as a solution for new staff training until live trainings are available. With individual access and self-paced learning tools, new employees will have the knowledge they need to do their work. 

Group Trainings

Used as a tool to guide live group trainings. Trainers share the video lessons, which include the regulations and sample of what this might look like in practice. After each lesson the trainer discusses how the regulation is implemented within their agency. 

Refresher and/or Updates

Used as a tool when an employee needs a refresher as it relates to a specific regulation. In addition, used as a tool to easily adjust and educate staff when there are updates to the regulations. The primary goal is for agencies to have a strong foundation. 

Trainings in our
Growing Course Library

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  • Parent Orientation, Meetings, Conference & Involvement

  • Community Recruitment & Donations

  • Desired Results Parent Survey


  • Environment Rating Scale

  • Child Supervision & Ratios

Healthy Children

  • Nutrition

  • Health & Social Services

  • Daily Health Check

  • Ages & Stages Questionnaires

  • Safe Sleep for Infants


  • Part-Day Selection, Eligibility & Application & Data File

  • Full-Day Selection, Eligibility, Need, Application & Data File

  • Pilot Program Selection, Eligibility, Need, Application & Data File

  • Notice of Action & Appeal Hearing

  • Family Fees

  • Head Start Recruitment, Selection, Eligibility, Enrollment & Data File

Education Planning

  • Desired Results Developmental Profile

  • Refrain from Religious Instruction


  • Center-Based Recording Attendance & Earning Contracts

  • Alternative Payment Recording Attendance, Provider Reimbursement & Projections

  • Head Start Attendance

Professional/Program Development

  • Guide to Program Implementation

  • Qualified Staff

  • Professional Development Planning

  • Program Monitoring & Development


  • Inventory

  • 801A & 801B Reporting


A Look at the Platform

Take the time to asses if eLearning platform is the best asset for your agency with an agency wide 30-day trial.